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Reach the first page of Google with our exclusive SEO service that includes both on-page and off-page optimization.


Artificial Intelligence
Based Link Building Technology

We employ an AI-based link-building approach to create high-quality backlinks from only domains that are truly spam free.

Premium Quality Article Backlinks

Since Google places a high value on content, only original, high-quality, and pertinent articles are used to create backlinks.

Links From 100% Genuine Websites

We only create backlinks from high-quality websites. The domains are Google-friendly and devoid of spam.

Free On Page SEO Optimization

In order to make your website more Google friendly, we offer free on-page SEO services.


Complete SEO Package To Skyrocket Your Google Rank

In order to optimize your website for Google SERP ranking, we offer a 360° total SEO solution (on page SEO + off page SEO). Our service is appropriate for beginners who are unfamiliar with SEO.

100% niche relevant quality backlinks
Backlinks from spam free aged domains
Both old and new domains are used to avoid footprints
High quality unique articles are used to create backlinks
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Google Algorithm Safe Powerful Link Building Methods

Our backlinks are completely secure for the Google algorithm. We exclusively employ ethical, natural link-building strategies.

In order to prevent footprints and ensure that Google wouldn't object, we employ both old domains and new domains.

Since all of our backlinks are produced inside of lengthy, original articles, Google likes to index them.

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How Our Service Works?

Our ranking technique can be easily explained in four steps.

Choose the Keywords & URLs

First, pick the appropriate URLs and keywords for which you want backlinks.


Place the Order

Once your keywords and URLs are prepared, place the order with correct details. After placing the order, we advise that you speak with us so that we can improve the service and provide better service.


AI Based Articles Creation

We will start creating high-quality, keyword-relevant articles for link building as soon as we get your order.


Building Backlinks (Optional Drip Feeding)

We will begin creating backlinks utilizing our predetermined technique as soon as the articles are ready. If you like, we can either build the links in a week as we normally do or drip feed them over the course of a month.


Better Than PBN
100% White Hat Backlinks

These backlinks are safer and better than Private Blog Networks.


Legit Backlinks

No more worries about Google manual penalties.


Best for Long Term Results

Long term sustained results and improved ranking.


Free Traffic

Higher Chance to receive organic traffic via the backlinks.

Why is Our SEO Service Perfect for Your Website?

100% Exclusive Domains

We don't share the domains we use to create backlinks with any other SEO firms. Thus, these domains are by default high authority and spam free.

Upto 25 Years Aged Domains

All our aged domains are at least 20 years old. You can verify from your side as well.

White Hat Link Building

There are several steps in our link-building process. To prevent leaving a trace, we meticulously construct backlinks.


Real Proofs

Here you can find the real case studies of our customers sites

Site 1: se******es.b**g

The website started to rank on the first page for several US keywords in just two months.


Site 2: y**.***w

Real overview from Ahref. The website authority and rating have increased, and it now gets approximately 1K daily targeted traffic from various countries.


Site 3: hi***.****

Another website ranks top for several long-tail keywords and receives more than 5,000 visitors each day.


Site 4: h***o.****

This GSC statistics report is very appealing. Within 60 days, the French website began to rank on Google. awaiting more remarkable results.


Special Plans

One Time Payment




40 Backlinks

Suitable for low competition keywords

  • 8 Aged Domain Backlinks

  • 12 Premium Domain Backlinks

  • 2 Backlinks Per Domain

  • 40 Unique Articles For Backlinks

  • Drip Feeding

  • Fast Delivery

  • Free On Page SEO Analysis

  • Custom SEO Plan

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60 Backlinks

Suitable for moderate competition keywords

  • 12 Aged Domain Backlinks

  • 18 Premium Domain Backlinks

  • 2 Backlinks Per Domain

  • 60 Unique Articles For Backlinks

  • Drip Feeding

  • Fast Delivery

  • Free On Page SEO Analysis

  • Custom SEO Plan




80 Backlinks

Suitable for high competition keywords

  • 16 Aged Domain Backlinks

  • 24 Premium Domain Backlinks

  • 2 Backlinks Per Domain

  • 80 Unique Articles For Backlinks

  • Drip Feeding

  • Fast Delivery

  • Free On Page SEO Analysis

  • Custom SEO Plan

Standard Plans

One Time Payment

Cheap Backlinks



200 Auto Generated Backlinks

  • Article & Forum Backlinks

  • Wiki & Social Links

  • Blog Comments

  • Do Follow & No Follow Mixed Links

  • Suitable For Newbies

  • 5 Day Delivery

Blog Comments Backlinks



10000 Blog Comments Links

  • Low OBL Backlinks

  • Do Follow & No Follow Mixed Links

  • No Spamming Sites

  • Edu/Gov Comments

  • Suitable for Improving Website Authority

  • 7 Day Delivery

Most Popular
Bulk Backlinks



1000 Semi-Auto Generated Backlinks

  • Article Backlinks

  • Forum Profile & Wiki Links

  • Social Bookmarking & Social Networking

  • Blog Comments

  • For Authority & Ranking Improvements

  • 10 Day Delivery

Customer Reviews

Read our latest customers reviews to understand our service better

Henry Ritch

I bought 100s of backlinks from different companies. Most of the companies built low quality spammy backlinks and spolied our site reputation. Then, I found Ranker SEO and placed an order. In three months, my website authority has improved and started to rank for multiple keywords. Thanks a lot Ranker SEO.

Kate Havel

Initially, I thought we need thousands of backlinks to rank a website. After talking with Ranker SEO, I came to know that we can rank a website with just 20-30 high quality backlinks. So far, I have bought 4 packages from them and I'm really happy with the results..

Rahim Sarsar

I would strongly recommend RANKER SEO to those who wish to rank a website. Excellent results, timely delivery, and prompt response.

Have a question?

We have answers to all your basic questions here

Domains that are aged are well-established domains. Google is already aware of them and ranks them for specific keywords. As a result, trust is higher than in other emerging domains. Hence, backlinks from such aged domains will provide higher results.

Before developing backlinks, we thoroughly examine all of our domains. They are spam-free and Google-approved. The common tools such as GSA SER verified list accessible on the internet may be used to verify the quality of the website.

If you only receive backlinks from old websites, Google may quickly figure out that you bought backlinks. Backlinks from fresh domains are also beneficial since such sites will gain authority in the future, increasing the ranking of your site.

A single purchase is adequate for no competition keywords. However, to achieve the greatest results for competitive keywords, you should employ our service for at least three months. We do not require you to purchase our service repeatedly. You may employ any other reputable SEO firm to develop backlinks, but you should do it for at least three months in a row to see significant results.

Nobody can give you any assurances. It is determined by a variety of parameters such as domain, keywords, keyword competitiveness, domain age, and so on. In most cases, it will take up to three months to achieve the desired results.

No. Any SEO company that promises to rank your website in a month is most likely a scam. To see the results, you must wait between two and three months.

To create backlinks, we solely use premium domains. Backlinks are created with high-quality, original content. Because the process is time-consuming, our service is pricey.

SEO companies often create backlinks from spammy websites with high DA and DR. In 2022, such backlinks won't be very beneficial. Google already knew about all the high-authority spam websites, so they stopped counting the backlinks coming from them.

Your belief that high DA backlinks are beneficial for ranking is persuaded by SEO firms. But in fact, even if a website has a 100 DA, Google would never take into account a backlink from it if it is originating from a spammy domain. Although DA is crucial, a tidy website is also necessary. All of our backlinks are from reliable websites. Google loves to immediately index them. We differ from other low-cost SEO services in this way.